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Founded in 2011, WAVE is a technology company focused on creating practical and economical solutions for the transit and off-road industrial electric vehicle markets worldwide. WAVE is the premiere developer of inductive charging solutions for medium and heavy-duty vehicles in the United States and has demonstrated the capability to develop and integrate high power charging systems onto heavy-duty electric vehicles.

Innovative Technology

WAVE is the only company that currently offers a commercially available wireless charging system of 50 kW and 250 kW. WAVE’s inductive charging systems, currently powering buses on routes throughout the U.S., are the nation’s only solutions to have successfully undergone multiple rigorous commercial deployments. Today, WAVE has 50 kW commercial deployments at six U.S. locations. In addition to the transit deployments, WAVE now has two POLA projects to demonstrate zero-emission range extension technology by integrating wireless charging on electric port vehicles.


WAVE provides standards-based, inter-operable, warrantied wireless charging, infrastructure for transit, port, industrial, and off-road electric vehicles. Wirelessly charged electric vehicles are cost competitive with conventional vehicles.

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