50 kW Deployments

WAVE’s projects are comprised of high profile routes of variable lengths and multiple vehicle platforms.

Long Beach Transit (LBT)

WAVE is proud to have worked with BYD delivering range-extended battery electric transit buses to Long Beach, CA with Long Beach Transit. WAVE’s 50 kW charger was installed adjacent to the Convention Center near Long Beach’s stunning waterfront. The charger serves BYD 40-foot battery electric transit buses on LBT’s free Passport Route.

Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA)

AVTA is a leader in zero emission bus technology and announced the acceptance of two BYD electric buses equipped with WAVE’s wireless charging technology. WAVE provided two wireless chargers in 2015 that allow AVTA to charge their buses en-route. The WAVE system enables AVTA to run their buses for the same number of hours as their diesel counterparts.

McAllen Metro

Beginning in 2015, McAllen Metro introduced two electric buses with WAVE wireless charging into their Green Line service, connecting the airport, hospital and shopping districts. WAVE is proud to have worked with Complete Coach Works, who provided re-manufactured electric buses to this cutting-edge project, to begin electrifying public transit in McAllen, TX.

Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST)

Monterey-Salinas Transit debuted an electric old-fashioned trolley “Powered by WAVE” on its world famous Waterfront Trolley line servicing Downtown Monterey, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Cannery Row. WAVE’s wireless charging system enables MST’s trolley to complete a full daily duty cycle on this demanding and high-profile route. Electric trolley service with WAVE charging began in 2015.

Central Contra Costa Transit Authority (CCCTA)

WAVE was proud to integrate its charging system with Gillig battery electric transit buses for the first time. WAVE’s 50 kW charger is located in the town of Walnut Creek, CA, and will serve to extend the daily duty cycle of three 30-foot electric Gillig trolleys.

Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

Officially launched in October 2014, the Utah Transit Authority utilizes a fully warranted, wirelessly powered charging system to power a 40-foot all-electric bus, built by Complete Coach Works. The route serves as a feeder to UTA’s South Campus TRAX light rail station. The WAVE 50 kW charging system allows the bus to run a full duty cycle of 140+ miles per day.

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