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Wireless Advanced Vehicle Charging

Powering Up the Wireless Age

With the largest number of high-power wireless charging systems deployed, WAVE is enabling commercial fleet operators to extend the range of medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles beyond that of diesel vehicles.

Legacy plug-in and overhead (pantograph) charging systems require time-consuming, hands-on intervention, clutter landscapes, and expensive maintenance.¬†WAVE’s solution is hands-free and has no moving parts. Within seconds of scheduled stops, the high power needed for meaningful range extension is transferred from ruggedized pads embedded in the roadway to a receiving pad on the vehicle’s undercarriage.

In 2021, WAVE joined the Ideanomics family and became part of a synergistic ecosystem of clean mobility solutions, from vehicle to charging to energy.

With systems ranging from 125kW to 500kW and a 1MW charger in development, WAVE is minimizing the total cost of ownership and maximizing operational efficiency for EV fleets around the world.